Cancer data sharing

“In this era of big data, all sectors of the cancer community must come together to identify ways to share information in real time while satisfying the needs of every participant. We must move away from silos and become patient-focused. Thought-leaders in academia, government, industry, patient advocacy, and foundations should all help ensure success.”

Big data is redefining the science and management of cancer, with an unprecedented variety, volume, and speed of acquisition.

This new, data-rich reality, deriving in large measure from the convergence of advanced technologies such as next-generation sequencing, nanotechnology, and imaging with the molecular and clinical sciences, portends a future of precision medicine in which patients receive molecularly targeted therapies and individualised disease management.

In this era of big data generation, the development of a national data ecosystem that facilitates data sharing must be an important priority.

Many groups are already developing systems that are accessible to the greater community. Continued progress will rely on bringing all sectors of the cancer community together to take part in this opportunity and to break down existing silos that inhibit progress.

Platforms must be developed to integrate all form of data acquired through different technologies, including fuzzy and patient-reported data. Such a system would accelerate progress in understanding different cancers and in identifying new approaches for cancer detection, prevention, and treatment.

Cancer data sharing