About the Commission

“Future Cancer Research Priorities in the USA: a Lancet Oncology Commission provides a roadmap to change the course of cance

Precision cancer prevention

“Successful prevention strategies will have the most long-term effect on eradicating cancers for future generations.R

Early detection and public health

“A one-size-fits-all strategy can no longer be used for cancer screening because it is wasteful and difficult to implement

Drug discovery and development

“Partnering with and educating policy makers on the wisdom of reassessing laws that slow drug development, stifle competitio

Precision tumour assessments

“At least one target is hidden in plain sight: technology developed in the past decades can be used to characterise cancer c

Expediting patient access to new drugs

“The ultimate goal is to align research and care in a seamless continuum such that all patients have access to clinical tria


“Immunotherapy, once a forgotten field of research relegated to the smallest meeting rooms and low-profile journals, has bec

Paediatric oncology

“We must strive to cure more children but also to inflict less life-long harm.” The steady improvement in survival of chil

Supportive oncology

“Supportive care, including survivorship, palliative, and end-of-life care, holistically addresses the physical, emotional,

Radiation oncology

“With continued support for cutting-edge investigation, there is reason for optimism that radiation oncology will keep pace


“The combination of cancer imaging and therapeutics can deliver cancer-targeting and pharmacokinetic information that can su

Surgical oncology

“Surgery remains the cornerstone of potentially curative therapy for solid malignancies… After all, the only patients

Data sharing and big data analysis

“In this era of big data, all sectors of the cancer community must come together to identify ways to share information in re

Health disparities and access to care

“Patient outcomes are greatly affected by racial, cultural, and socioeconomic background and access to equivalent care. At a

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